Open Positions

The Aspuru-Guzik group is recruiting!

Open Positions

The Aspuru-Guzik group is recruiting!

Research Computing Support Specialist:

Please visit here to see the detail of this position and apply directly there.

Postdoctoral Positions:

  • Chemical Synthesis Automation (Experiment and Theory) in collaboration with Professor Andrei Yudin Molecular computing Self-driving laboratory algorithms and software development
  • COVID-19 Drug Discovery. We have a position immediately available for computational work on AI and docking/computational chemistry for COVID-19 antivirals. This is a joint position between the Matter Lab, Matthieu Schapira (University of Toronto) and Ho Leung Ng (Kansas State University).

Details are available on posting #16396.

Please create an account on AJO and apply directly on that website.

  • Vector Institute Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

There is a yearly call for postdoctoral positions at the Vector Institute with deadline around June. The postdocs are independent but also work with a sponsoring research group. Apply here.

Graduate Students:

Usually, Professor Aspuru-Guzik takes 1-3 graduate students a year. Unless otherwise noted, this is the case and we encourage top students from around the world to apply. Due to the large volume of inquiries, Alán can´t respond to individual messages. Please do not contact him directly, but rather apply directly through the following links.

Department of Chemistry

Department of Computer Science

Summer Research:

The Matter Lab typically hosts a variety of undergraduate students over the summer from a variety of programs. If you are an UofT student and are interested in summer research, please email your CV, intended program of study, deadline for application to the summer program to Mukesh Dodain (see People). Some of the summer programs that our students have applied in the past are listed here: